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About Mehrin May

Mehrin May is an industry-leading permanent makeup artist with over 20 years of experience creating flawless faces. Offering both permanent makeup and traditional makeup services, Mehrin May has cultivated a high-profile international client base that trusts her to make them look and feel beautiful.


Using only the highest quality hypoallergenic inks, Mehrin May enhances the natural beauty of her clients with semi-permanent makeup for the lips, eyes, and eyebrows. Her artful technique creates a warm youthful glow that everyone will notice, but no one can pinpoint. Mehrin May is also a pioneer in promoting the use of organic permanent makeup, and is constantly pushing the field of micropigmentation forward through her thoughtful, innovative approach.

Mehrin May also holds the distinction of being one of Los Angeles’ foremost makeup artists, providing her unparalleled services at weddings, red carpet events, and beyond.

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